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"Cami Parker"


Long time lurker on here, first time posting or reviewing, so this is part intro, part review. This was actually my first time visiting a SP in Vancouver, I've always been a little paranoid about it, and only visited when somewhere it was legal (god I love Europe). Anyway, after reading a lot of reviews and ads, I finally decided if I was going to do it, I might as well go big, and decided on Cami Parker. She's got a bunch of reviews on here, and everything I saw was positive, and from her photos on her website, I knew I couldn't go wrong. 

Set up an appointment easily, she responded quickly and asked if I had any requests, and we set a time for the next day. 

When I got there and she greeted me, my jaw nearly hit the floor. She was even better looking in person than in her pictures, which I didn't even think was possible. Those amazing tits, oh my god. I could have just spent the whole hour just playing with them in the shower. She did a great job of setting me at ease, and we had a fantastic session together. I don't think I need to get into the details here, there's enough reviews out there that do that, but needless to say, she did not disappoint in any way. Really the only disappointment was how quickly I finished, she was simply too much for me! She didn't rush me out the door after though, and we chatted and joked around for a bit before my time was up. This woman was the definition of what I think a SP should be like, beautiful, attentive, sensual, and simply a delight to be around. I left her place feeling like a million bucks, which was really the whole point of going in the first place. I guess compared to some others out there the donation was high, (you can check them on her website but I honestly felt like I got more then my money's worth, and after that fantastic session, I am sure to be back for another visit in the future. 





"Cami Parker"


Had the pleasure of meeting the lovely Miss Cami Parker at her downtown incall. Booking was easily done through email and you could tell right away that she has a good personality as she actually took the time to ask questions and figure out what sort of fantasy I was looking for. Clear instructions on how to find her place and plenty of metered street parking near her location. Buzzed in with no issues and here is probably the only negative thing in the whole review. The elevator in her apartment is the slowest I've ever seen. Finally get to the floor and she opens the door and BAM, slow elevator forgotten!! Man is she worth the wait!!

Blonde hair, enhanced 32DD and dead accurate to her pictures. She starred in HBO's Cathouse and you can immediately see why. She looks like she just walked off the set of your favourite adult film. Fantastic firm hug to say hello and then on to some conversation about exactly what scenario I was looking for. The first thing that strikes you is that this lady is genuine and she enjoys what she does. I have asked certain providers for outfits before, but never had someone lay out 5 or 6 choices for me even before I got there. The idea for that day was pretty specific and she blew away my expectations. Fantastic kisser, takes directions very well and stayed in character for our little roleplay. Not only that, but she actually makes you feel like she wants to engage in your desires with you and that it turns her on. Tried several different positions and she was fantastic in all of them.  Cami knew exactly how to pose her body in each situation to turn me on and I know that we each have our own opinion, but you'd have to be without a pulse not to enjoy the view!!

I apologize for the lack of detail for some as I'm not one to usually dive into all the specific details, but I cannot stress enough how important it was for me that her personality was so down to earth and genuine that you just want to keep talking to her. Totally puts you at ease and makes you feel like the you are the most important thing in her day. If I had to pick one action highlight, her oral skills are impressive and those big round eyes looking up at you are sexiness personified. Finished up and spent some time talking to her about various things. She didn't strike me as a clockwatcher and everything about the appointment flowed pretty naturally. Long elevator wait again, but both heads were still spinning from the experience so it was a good time to recover before heading back into the rain..

Cami's definitely on the higher end of the price range, but worth every penny in my humble opinion. If you're looking for a tight toned body, firm round ass and a wonderfully enhanced rack, then I highly recommend this friendly lady. Will definitely repeat as soon as I can!! If anyone's curious about anything I left out, feel free to respond or PM and I'll do my best to answer.





"Cami Parker"


The other day I booked a 1.5 hour appointment with Miss Cami Parker. One of the top ten experiences I've had doing this.

OMG what a fantastic time we had. I showed up at her incall, got buzzed right in. 

When I got to the door she was standing in a sheer robe wearing a beautiful set of heels.
I slid her robe off to reveal an absolutely hot little body, in black and pink lingerie. Wow...

Now I have to admit I was a little star struck the first time I saw Cami's pictorials and her time on the HBO series. She's better looking in person. She has a kicking fantastic body and a fantastic personality.

She's an absolute sweetheart from word go. She hopped into the shower with me, and we warmed up from a bitter cold outside. Then we toweled each other off. grabbed a bottle of wine opened it, poured a couple of glasses then straight into the main event.

Cami is extremely responsive to touch, her clit / her nipples, she loves her body being touched and caressed. We had an excellent time switching from position to position. 

Mish to doggy to cow girl etc etc. I just need to say the lady is a fantastic kisser. Definitely GFE for ol Badger.

She is a true professional in every sense of the word. She definitely satisfied everything that I love doing and her multiple orgasms drove her like a sexual energizer bunny looking for another one. Which really really helped me along.cumq

Would I repeat. Hell ya more than probably in the New Year coming up. Too much stuff happening in December ( have a few regulars I haven't seen in a while that I need to revisit.)

I hit the door at the end a tired but happy guy. Happy in finally meeting such a beautiful star.






"Cami Parker"


I contacted her by email early in the week after seeing her posting. Setting up the apt. was no problem.  
When I entered the apartment she was wearing a little bikini, as I had requested, and looked stunning. Her pictures are completely accurate. Tight body, huge tits, long blonde hair and a pretty face.
She offered me a shower, which I accepted, and she asked if she could join me. We cleaned each other and I made sure that her tits were especially clean.
We then headed to the play area.  
I like kissing and she is a good kisser. She is very responsive to DATY and tastes sweet. She has good oral skills and uses a fair bit of spit.
Round one was cg and she looked very good from my vantage point.
Afterwards we rested and chatted a bit and then onto round 2. This time it was doggie with her on the couch and me standing behind her. She had her head down and her ass up and looked fantastic. She is vocal, without being over the top.

She has a great attitude and seems to enjoy herself. If I had one word to sum her up it would be FUN.
I truly enjoyed my time with her and am pleased that she should be in vancouver for a while.






"Cami Parker"


So my quest for a high end SP ended up at Cami's door.

She doesn't really need another review, but here it is.

Easy to set up a few days in advance via an exchange of polite yet amusing emails.

Cami dressed as I requested and greeted my as one would greet a long lost lover.

I wont divulge the bedroom antics as YMMV but I had the pleasure of all that I desired & more.

Conversations were as fun & engaging as the bedroom gymnastics.

I just couldn't not stop kissing Cami such was her smile & alluring personality.

The donation was high - see her sponsored ads for details - but for me, you cannot get the combination of that smile, those looks, those boobs and most importantly for me, her amazingly friendly personality, anywhere else and that's regardless of cost.

I do have a few others on my list, but such is her warmth & personality, I'm very tempted to repeat for an extended session.





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